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This is the online home of the hockey, sports and wellbeing book, 'Roots Go Deep'. The book is about why do we love sport, exercise & wellbeing ways. The book has been co-created by all who have inputted, it is a book of messages of inspiration and insight, from the hockey, sports and wellbeing communities. It includes words of wisdom on why is it good to play sports in school, what the benefits and challenges of sport can be, why is it good for our health, and how wellbeing awareness and practices are beneficial for sport and overall health.

How it began...

In March 2017, the book was initially inspired by the Coláiste Iognáid (The Jes) secondary school hockey team in Galway with encouragement and words of wisdom messages for the team. Overall the senior team enjoyed a great season, their togetherness and unity on and off the pitch grew from day 1. Along with support from management team, and the mountain of support that was coming from Jes alumni and beyond, the Jes girls began their journey. 


Jes Journey

A team environment of fun and focused hockey was created, and the Jes team got the 'Ladies in White' spirit going strong. Vastly experienced hockey coach Richie Malone was head coach. Debbie Heery was the ever supportive second mom and manager. I came on board to help the team from a wellbeing perspective along with sharing my hockey experience too. An idea came to light when lots of support came to the fore encouraging the girls. So I put an idea out to people from Jes alumni, hockey and sports people around the country. The response was amazing and so encouraging overall, highlighting the resonance and passion there is for sport at school level and beyond. I decided to gather all the messages and wisdom to create a book for the Jes team. For me, it was worth every second of an all-nighter the night before the Palmer final :D Made it to the team meeting just a little bit awake but with a book of gold to pass on!

Both Ward cup and Palmer Cup teams did brilliantly in Connacht, their hockey kept improving over the span of the year, both successful in finals. The senior team progressed to All-Irelands after winning the provincial Palmer Cup. It was a close Connacht cup final, both the Jes and Salerno school teams showing great team quality and skills. It just showed the quality and standard of hockey in Connacht is growing. Similar to other years, whichever team went on to represent the province at All-Irelands was going to benefit the whole province overall. the team always bringing home new hockey ideas and skills from playing with the top schools around the country. The Jes made it through 2-0 and enjoyed the fantastic experience that is the Kate Russell All-Irelands tournament. Captains Eadaoin Kennedy and Carmel Heery led the team so well, by example and supporting each and every player to be a leader in their own way, to be themselves, work together and enjoy the adventure. All making a difference, growing individually, overcoming challenges and coming together collectively, a great crew.


















The Evolving Book!

The book grew alongside the team's journey to the All-Ireland tournament. Over 150 messages of insight and inspiration have been received with great thanks and encouragement. Insight from people with vast experience and at all levels of sport, from Olympians to club sport to individual sports. And the beauty of all is it’s how at the roots of it all with any team, at any level, is teamwork, friendship, commitment, balance, focus and fun. The messages in the book are full of words of wisdom to keep empowering ourselves in sports and wellbeing, nourishing mental and physical health, and enjoy a team environment.

The book has been created to share so will be published in the coming months. Many thanks to all who have inputted so far. If you wish to contact about the book, click here. Email the Roots Go Deep Team directly at For details of details of pre-ordering a copy and proceeds of the book, click here. Previews of messages, images and symbols all here on the website, feel free to surf about and take a look, hope you enjoy!

Chapter Themes

  • Jes Hockey Community: Celebrating the everlasting team spirit of the ladies in white and the Jes school hockey journey. Messages of memories, support and encouragement from Jes Alumni for the 2017 senior Jes hockey team and team’s of the future. Click here for preview.

  • Hockey Community: why do we love hockey. Click here for preview. Including Irish Hockey: Hockey development in Ireland, click here.

  • Sports Community: why is it good to play sports in school and in daily life. Click here for preview.

Overall theme: Sharing personal experience of hockey and sport, it’s challenges and benefits… with words of wisdom & insight. Resonant themes at the roots of it all with any team, at any level, are arising to be teamwork, friendship, commitment, balance, focus and fun.

  • Wellbeing Community: Input and insight from the wellbeing community to highlight the importance of self-care and how wellbeing and sport go hand in hand. Click here for preview.

Photos in the book

Many thanks to those who contributed photos to the book.... Very grateful to all, thanks to the Irish Hockey Photographers, who have contributed many high quality hockey photos. Their work really reflects and helps cherish hockey moments, remembering how the colour and energy of those moments can always be alive in memory. Many thanks to the Irish Hockey Association, Niall Cunningham aerial pitches photography, @Eye in the Sky Ireland, Niamh Maher @Exploring Ireland, Carmel Heery, Sinéad Murphy, Kate Kearney @katekearneycft, and all who contributed their own sports and wellbeing images. 

Click here for the photo gallery Nature Images preview page.


Note from Brenda


It has been lovely to compile the book alongside the Jes hockey community. I've contributed writing, photos, illustrations and symbols, and very grateful for all the help along the way. My background is wellbeing, music and hockey. I'm from Galway, I run piano classes and Beo & Be - Mindfulness & Qi Gong classes in the community. I've experience playing hockey with the Jes, Greenfields, UCD, NUIG, Connacht and Ireland. It has been a joy and honour to help out with the Jes school hockey team, to put this book together and to let it evolve. I've enjoyed contributing and it turns out we have more than 150 authors in the book! :) Many thanks to all for their insight and inspiration.

Warm waves from Galway and Connemara, Brenda 

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