‘Sport teaches ambition and drive, it shows that you can only reach your goals with dedication and hard work. These are all attributes that help us, and have helped me right through to my working life.’

Olivia Roycroft, Cork Harlequins HC

'Appreciate the people around you, some will become your friends for life.. Push yourself, challenge yourself to be your best..  get seriously fit, endurance wise both physically and mentally.'

Sarah Clarke, Loreto
Mark Knowles, Australia

‘Enjoy what you do, keep a smile on your face and continue to help grow our great sport.’

 'Stick to the game plan. If it doesn't work at first, stay patient and focus on what YOU can do right.’ 

Megan frazer, Ireland

Along with many more...

The Hockey Community
Preview Quotes from....
Selin Oruz, Germany
Carol Metchette, International Umpire
Madonna Blyth, Australia
Róisín Upton, Ireland
Siobhan Divilly, Greenfields
Chloe Brown, Ireland
Rocio Ybarra, Spain
Emma Gray, Former Ireland Goalkeeper
Kayla Whitelock, New Zealand
Ronan Gormley, Former Irish Captain
Conor Harte, Ireland
Paul Gleghorne, Ireland
Orla Patton, UCD HC

'Value the lessons you learn through team sport - they will stand to you in life.'

Alex Speers, Former Irish Captain
Sinéad Collins, Greenfields HC
Stephen Findlater, The Hook Hockey Blog
Emma Smyth, Former Irish International
Mick McKinnon, Irish Hockey Tutor

‘Sport frees your mind and can lead you to be the best version of yourself.’

‘Sport, no matter what level you play has a huge amount to offer.....friendship, opportunities, travel, healthy life and most of all fun.’

'Work for each other and cherish the experience you all have together, and no matter what happens don't forget - It's not the outcome that matters, but the journey that counts.'

'Sport is something that can bring people together and can span throughout a lifetime.'

‘I started hockey in first year in school, and now 10 years later I still get the same enjoyment and buzz from the game. I’ve met some of my best friends in life through hockey, girls I’ll be friends with forever!’

‘Knowing that I had an after-school club to go to is what got me through the day. I was able to learn new skills such as communication, leadership, a hard work ethic, team-work. I was able to incorporate these skills in all aspects of my life.’

‘Working to become better… giving your best every day… it is a must to do sport at school.’

'When I am on the hockey pitch I get a complete break from whatever has been on my mind. It allows me to concentrate my energy fully on improving myself and keeping fit.'

‘School hockey was one of the best times of my career and provides a fantastic grounding for whatever you chose to do after you leave school.’

‘Something I always say to my team-mates and players is that it's not about the amount of games you play for your club your school or national team but the quality in which you play each game.’

Keri Willis, NUIG HC

‘The friendships you make when playing school sport are forever. It's you and your school mates and only you who can solve the problems you are faced with be it on the playing field or court or arena.’

Lisa Jacob, Former irish International
Sarah Greene, Monkstown HC

 ‘Play the game you love with the people you love, and leave nothing on the pitch.'

Maebh Horan, Pembroke HC

'There is no pressure when you're making a dream come true.'

Chloe Watkins, Ireland
Nikki Kidd, Scotland
Vikki Bunce, Scotland
Caitlin Van Sickle, USA
Jean Brennan, Salerno
Nikki symmons, Former Irish international
Lena Tice, Ireland

'It's so important to enjoy the every day things, each session, each bit of hard work you put in and the people you're surrounded by.'

'Bending your knees and playing low are good for your legs and ultimately will make you a stronger athlete in general. Playing any sports in school is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.'


'I've made amazing lifetime friends through hockey from sharing the same passion.'

'The harder the challenge the sweeter the victory.'

‘Playing team sports is amazing for your general well-being. Some of my best sporting memories are playing hockey at school with my best mates.’

‘In my time, coaching has taken me to some dark places, but only when I forgot what was at it’s core. When you realize that sport is really about health, community, teamwork, friendship it becomes a vital part of your wellbeing.’

'Fast forward a few years, the phrase you will hear will be "Work, Life, Balance". For me, this balance is delivered as a result of my involvement in sport.'

'The biggest piece of advice I have, is to not worry about winning. The most important thing is to go out there, stand beside your teammates and promise each other that you will be the best player you can be.'

Sinéad McCarthy, Former Irish International
Gonzalo Peillet, Argentina

‘I think it is great to start in the youth because you will have a lot of friends and look for the same thoughts.’

Clodagh Gaffney, Salerno
Richie Malone, Connacht

'Embrace opportunities even though they may be difficult and challenging, never stop learning, appreciate the effort of those around you and develop a sense of perspective from your experiences.'

'I don't need to find motivation to go to training because I love it and I want to go.'

'It's a way to keep fit but also to make friends, learn to work under pressure or as a unit with others, and I think it's true at any level.'

'People who have been disappointed will really appreciate success when it comes.'

'I have played in many countries with many brilliant players but nothing beats playing with your school friends, girls you have grown up with and see everyday of the week.'

'Be confident and follow the process to give yourself the best opportunity, and of course this can be applied to the game as a whole and in others aspects of life.'

'We had to organise our warm-ups and were encouraged to give our input into the tactical make-up of the team. I feel this opened a lot of our minds to taking responsibility for own development, not just in hockey but beyond.'

'You will have doubts but you have a choice to say 'go away, you are not helping!' Fill your minds with all the images you have of doing things brilliantly. That is the player you are, and all that you can do.'

'Do your best no matter what the circumstances and that's all you can ask.'

'Connect, communicate, celebrate.'

Bernardo Fernandes,
Self-Pass & Portugal Coach

'Self-Pass is a feel good project, it us while inspiring others about our love for the game. Hockey is a game of the future and is a sport with future.'

Laura Wilson, Former UCD

'The thing I loved the most was being part of a team. I have made some great friends and have so many great memories. No matter how you felt before training, you always came home feeling refreshed, energized and happier.'