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Aisling McKeon, Jes 2006
Tara Melvin, Jes 2010
Grace Melvin, Jes 2007
Aoife Smyth, Jes 2008
Eadaoin Kennedy, Jes 2017
Orla Callanan, Jes 2009
Cathy Carey, Jes 2008
Rachel Bradley, Jes 2012
Alison Ryan, Jes 2012
Deirdre Joyce, Jes 2005
Michelle Carey, Jes 2012

‘For me when I'm playing I try to focus on my individual and team goals before stepping out onto the pitch.’

'Jes hockey will always be very important to me and I treasure all the memories made in the white jersey.'

'The friends that I made from playing hockey with the Jes will stay with me for life.'

'The Jes spirit is unique.'

'I was a member of the Jes team that dared to dream at a time when the Jes hockey team were always the underdogs.'

'Remember you are

the ladies in White'

'The friendships and bonds that were forged on the field still remain strong today. There's is something really special about the spirit of Jes hockey.'

‘There's a safety at school level, a vale of protection created by each other, for each other where you foster a ball of confidence.’

'That's what I love about Jes Hockey, the willingness to do everything in your power for the girl next to you.'

Carmel Heery, Jes 2017
Brenda Flannery, Jes 2010
Katie Codyre, Jes 2010

'Being part of a Jes hockey team was an absolute honour and something I will cherish forever.'

Sophie McLaughlin, Jes 2011

'The bond between a fantastic group of girls who were beside me for the highs and the lows-on the pitch and off- has only grown stronger since leaving school.'

Ailish Walsh, Jes 2008

'School hockey will always have a special place in my heart. I’m very grateful to the Jes and to all the great team-mates, the journey gave me the foundations of knowing what team spirit is all about.'

'This photo of Isabelle, Brenda and I celebrating after Isabelle scored in Golden Goal of the Kate Russell final in 2009.. eight years on.. this is still one of the happiest moments of my life. Not just because we had won the All-Irelands but because of the amazing group of people we had done it with.'

'It feels like it was on my birth cert to play hockey in the Jes from the very beginning! Hockey was a core to my day-to-day school experience, enjoying the journey with friends, on and off the pitch.'

Meghan Forde, Jes 2016

'Hockey can be tough sometimes but whatever you want to put into it is what you’ll get out of it. And for me I got new friends, new confidence and got introduced into a fun, competitive sport.'

The Jes Hockey
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Lynsey Trainor, Jes 2011
Sinéad Carey, Jes 2018
Aoife McGovern, Jes 2019
Darragh Leonard, Jes Coach
Rita Ryan, Jes Manager
Clodagh Mitchell, Jes Coach
Elaine Carey, 2013

'I would do absolutely anything to get back in a white and maroon jersey.'

'There's a lot of scientific evidence to show that being involved in sport instills confidence, self-esteem, social life skills combined with health and well-being. So team, no matter what the end score line is, you're winners already!'

'Sport grounds you when you're at your most stressful point and guides you to realize that there's always more out there then what is laid bare in front of you.'

'We were a very close group,

who supported and praised each other,

all sharing the same dream.'

'Believe in yourself enough to step up,

you will be the difference.'

'The one thing we had in our team was belief... the promise to each other that we would never give up.'

'Two quotes strengthen my focus in hockey, helping me stay in tune with my own concentration and the team goals... Let mistakes make you better, not bitter. And you only see obstacles when you take your eye off the goal'

'There's something very special about the Jes Hockey Club that keeps you connected all of the time; whether together or apart.'

Aoife Cunningham, Jes 2011

'I think for me that was what the Jes spirit was about, appreciation for everyone that just shows up. No matter their age or level. We were all in it together and I can say that even now, six years later, I am still in it and I don’t think I’ll lose that feeling.'

'Sport in the Jes is a special pursuit... A great tradition exists across a range of sporting codes and they are all defined by the same characteristics. Courage, effort, teamwork and an unrivalled will to win. The Jes Jersey is special.'

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