The Butterfly :
Transformation & Freedom
Celtic Symbol : 
Inner Strength
The Horse :
Inner Power
The Swan : 
Dreams & Intuition 
The Triskel :
Balance & Harmony
Book Elements...
Nature & Irish Symbols

The book will include symbols to represent the qualities that can be found in sports, exercise and wellbeing. Qualities can evolve and help us grow in the discipline we are passionate about, such as inner strength, harmony and focus.

This perspective can resonate across any sports and movement practice. The connection and symbolism of Nature is an expression of these qualities. Ancient Irish symbols can connect with this as they have similar attributes to the interconnections of a team, such as the Triskel symbol being a symbol of

Balance & Harmony.

The Eternal :
Wellbeing & Togetherness
The Jellyfish :
The Dolphin :
Breath, Intelligence, Communication

Along with many more...

Celtic Symbol: