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Book Update - January 2018

Roots Go Deep Book Update

So this book has been a journey! It all began back in March 2017 with the Jes secondary school hockey team. I was delighted to be apart of the management team. The team were on route to the Connacht final & all-Ireland tournament. I had an idea to gather some messages that were coming in from Jes hockey alumni. I was really inspired by the team spirit as the girls came together to play lovely hockey & have fun!

The 'ladies in white' Jes team spirit alive and well as always. It reminded me of the days when I was playing alongside school friends too. It all encouraged me to reach out to more of the Jes alumni & many reminiscing messages flew in...then a lightbulb moment & I asked around the hockey and sports community for words of wisdom. The response was amazing... so much passion for sport. A handmade message scrapbook made for the Jes senior team has evolved into a book called 'Roots Go Deep'.

The horizons of the book have broadened into messages of insight & inspiration from the hockey, sports & wellbeing communities. It's about why it's good to play sports in school & how sport & exercise benefit our physical & mental health.

I am a newbie to the process of producing a book! So one task I thought might take a week... in reality took 5 hurdles & 5 more weeks to get it all sorted. The book is currently being designed in the hills of Kerry. So forgive me for the wavey timeframe, thank you for your patience!

It has been a joy to bring this project together. Thanks to everyone who has contributed words of wisdom & all who are interested in the book. Also big thanks all the editing crew! I run wellbeing classes here in Galway - @beoandbe Mindfulness & Qi Gong Movement. The proceeds of these classes will sponsor the book's production, alongside the kind donations to the book too. The book is mostly self-distribution through its own website. Hoping then it will cover its own production & more funds raised will go to the hockey development in the Jes & Connacht. Updates, details & pre-ordering here & www.rootsgodeepbook.com.

Warm wishes, Brenda

Errigal in Donegal. Photo credit @uniqueascent

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