• Brenda

Reflections in May

One week I launched the Roots Go Deep book.. the next, I got a hockey ball to the head breaking my cheekbone.. the next, a surgery to mend the fractures.. and finally made it back to the Garden to recover & enjoy the warm summer. 

Life is an interesting spiral! In one experience, the feeling of complete joy and togetherness. And the next, an experience where this joy and compassion holds you when you’re completely fragile. Vulnerable to fractures and fragments. But life then points you one way only. Inside. To go find your feet on the ground and to trust the path. 

Under surgery lights and beeps, and concerned not knowing where I’d go for the next few hours under anesthesia, I found myself praying all would be ok, and thinking of the lights and lighthouses I could see far away.. my family, friends, the Garden, the Burren and the book!

What appeared like a nightmare of surgery gave my mind not the illusion of corner, but a choice. To sink or to swim. It gave me the dark literally in the face but beckoned me to come through, to trust the cycles of each dawn. It was an inner challenge and also it put the book I’ve just published, Roots Go Deep, to the test. It made me ponder about it. Why did I begin this project in the first place. Why did I stick with it. Why did I never give up on it. Why was I grateful for each message that came through from all around Ireland and overseas. Why were the hours of thinking, editing, drawing, nature searching, compiling, creating, communicating, why were these one thousand hours one hundred percent worth it. Why could I trust to reach out to it now. Maybe to discover... What are roots, what do they reflect, what are its dreams. What does it mean to dig deep. And why is there purpose and meaning in the old saying the Tree of Life. 

All I know is that Dreams have power to heal and to hold. With all the messages in this book, I am grateful to everyone who has written in and everyone who reads it. It’s all one energy humming away like a tree. The book has been golden in getting through a tunnel for me. Through the dark, a door and a lantern...

I’ve opened pages here and there. I’ve even just held the book and that was enough to remember what life is all about. What compassion and trust are, what life friendships are, what wellbeing is, what nature is. And in completing the book, what a dream come true can do. 

So never give up on your dreams!  Never give up on what you find shares and nourishes your life energy. What connects you to feeling purpose and energized. Why I’m sharing this is I’ve realized - One thought and idea from the back of the imagination can appear and the front of ones reality given time and space. It can be the dream that holds the trust when everything seems to fracture and fragment. And it can be apart of the the whole, the reality called the waking dream - Life. Anything is possible as we rest with our dreams. A tree that waters its roots deep, can weather any wind... it embraces both the stormy gales and gentle summer breezes. It can teach us about the energy of home, hope and steadiness. It can show us the essence of equipoise - to become balanced in any wind on the journey of life. Balance with branches that can go high as equally as its roots go deep. 

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