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Roots Go Deep Book Arrival

One year on and it has all come together!... with over 250 people contributing messages of insight and inspiration about hockey, Jes hockey, sport and wellbeing. Along with additional nature and photo surprises... this is a book full of authors :) The book is launched online April 10th. It's a hardback book, about 370 pages, €25 with postage included. It's available online here at https://www.rootsgodeepbook.com/buy.

All costs of the book up until now have been covered by the Mindfulness & Qi Gong Movement classes 'Beo & Be' I run in Galway, and with thanks to donations from the Irish Hockey Association, Aspire Hockey Camps and great quality photos from the Irish hockey photographers. All proceeds will go towards the production and printing of the book, and into supporting the development of hockey in the Jes and Connacht. And maybe contribute towards a nice water based pitch someday :) the dream! The book will be distributed for now from here in Salthill, Galway, any updates on availability in bookshops will be on the book's Instagram and website soon.

More about the book....

'Roots Go Deep' book is an exploration and reflection about why we love sport, exercise and wellbeing ways. The book has been co-created by all who have inputted. It’s a collection of messages of inspiration and insight from the hockey, sports and wellbeing communities. It includes words of wisdom on why is it good to play sports in school, what the benefits and challenges of sport can be, why is it good for our health, and how wellbeing awareness and practices are beneficial for overall health. It began as a seed from community presence and aspiration, and its branches have grown in many ways as the roots have grown deeper. It’s as inclusive to those who’ve written in as to those who read through the pages and reflect on their own experience of sport and health.

In March 2017, the book was initially inspired by the Coláiste Iognáid (The Jes) secondary school hockey team in Galway with encouragement and words of wisdom messages for the team. Along with support from management team, and the mountain of support that was coming from Jes alumni and beyond, the Jes girls began their journey.

The book grew alongside the team's road to the All-Ireland tournament. Now with 280 messages of insight and inspiration have been received. There is life insight from people with vast sports and wellbeing experience and at all levels of sport, from Olympians to club sport to individual sports. As the book unfolds, resonant themes at the roots of it all with any team, at any level, are coming to light to be teamwork, friendship, commitment, balance, focus and fun. The messages in the book are full of words of wisdom to keep empowering ourselves in sports and wellbeing, nourishing mental and physical health, and to enjoy individual development and a team environment.

There are 8 chapters in the book...

Chapter 1

The Jes Hockey Journey: A collection of messages and memories reflecting the Jes hockey journey. Here there are words of support and encouragement from Jes Alumni for the 2017 senior Jes hockey team on their route to the Palmer Cup, Ward Cup and All-Ireland tournament.

Chapter 2

Sports inspiring: This chapter reflects sports inspiration. Alongside Jes Hockey Alumni, well wishes and good luck messages to the Jes 2017 team are here from the overall hockey and sports communities.

Chapter 3

Nature Imagery & Symbols: Throughout the book there will be images and symbols of Nature from around Irish landscapes, coastlines and skylines. This is to connect with the awareness and beautiful power of Nature around us, and a key balancer and source of calm, healing and grounding to sport, exercise and wellbeing ways.

Chapter 4

Jes Photos – Reeling in The Years

Chapter 5

Jes Hockey: Words of Wisdom & Into the Future: celebrating the team spirit of the ladies in white and the Jes school hockey journey in the past, present and into the future.

Chapter 6

Hockey Community: messages from players and coaches in the hockey community about why do we love hockey at school level and overall. Themes include what the challenges and benefits are, what inspires us and why is playing hockey good for our health. Messages are from players and coaches in Ireland and all around the world, from local, provincial, international and Olympic players and coaches, as well as sporting associations such as Irish Hockey, Self-Pass, Aspire Hockey Camps, DBS Hockey Tours and hockey clubs.

Chapter 7

Sports Community: This chapter will reveal insight into the lifestyle and viewpoints of a variety of sports, from local, national, international and Olympic athletes and coaches in the disciplines of Athletics, Basketball, Hurling, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Triathlon and Water Polo.


Chapter 8

Wellbeing Community: Input and insight from the wellbeing community to highlight the importance of self-care and how wellbeing and sport go hand in hand. In this chapter, there are messages of wellbeing wisdom from 34 highly experienced health practitioners and guides, from 30 different backgrounds.

At the core of Roots Go Deep Book is the energy of insight and inspiration. Throughout these pages, journeys and real life wisdom unfold from people living with passion, courage and commitment in their day to day lives. This is a book of the people and for the people. Like one big team and like a pebble rippling into a lake, words and authors shine within and beyond these pages, from past generations, to present, and into to the future

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