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Claire Molloy, Irish Rugby
Arthur Lanigan O'Keefe, Modern Pentathlon
Noel McGrath, Tipperary Hurler
Ciara Mageean, Irish Athlete
Niamh Fahey, Chelsea FC & Ireland
Olive Loughnane, Athletics
Claire Lambe, Irish Rower
Paul O'Donovan, Irish Rower
Rory Cunningham, St.Louis Royals USA
David Collins, Galway Hurling

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Eoin McKeon, Connacht Rugby

'I always found real special moments were when I was representing my local club or school because you are playing with your best friends that you grew up with.'

‘The social and physical skills you have acquired will stand to you in your future careers both on and off the sporting field.’

‘Never let an experience pass without learning. Write down these lessons, they'll come in handy in the future.’

‘Drown out every negative thought with a positive one.’

'Being a good team player crosses over from sport to work, school, college and family, it's a valuable life lesson that never ends.'

‘Enjoy your time playing and strive to be the best version of you that you can be.'

'Trust your teammates, because you're all out there playing for each other.'

'When I was an athlete I focused very much on controlling the things I could control, influencing the things I could influence.'

'Sport gives you the opportunity to create the most lasting friendships.'


'You learn more than just playing a game, but life as a whole.

You are in control of your own destiny.'

'To be able to work towards and achieve goals with your best friends is something special.' 

Carmel Heery, Water Polo Ireland
Eleanor O'Byrne, Water Polo Ireland

'Work hard and reap the rewards.'

Lucia Lobato, Galway WFC & Ireland
Lisa Kelly, Water Polo Ireland
Sasha Kirk, Water Polo Ireland
Barry McCabe, San Fransisco FC
Deirdre Cassidy, Water Polo Ireland
Dáirne Ryan, Swim Ireland
Brett Wilkinson,
Former Ireland Rugby, Current Hong Kong Rugby
Tim Molloy, UCD FC
Shani Stallard, Swim Ireland
Derval O'Rourke, Former Irish Athlete
Dora Gorman
Galway Gaa & Irish Soccer

'Sport builds resilience from the inside out, it motivates me to be strong in myself physically and mentally.'

'Sport has taught me so much in such a short time, how to control emotions and fears, how to respect others and I have learnt so much about myself as a person.'

'Sport is a way of life for me. For others it doesn't have to be. The beauty of it is that it can be done by all at any age or ability level.'

'It made me feel apart of something, apart of a team and it gave me a sense of belonging. 

'If you allow yourself to follow a path that requires passion, structure and dedication, you will realise your potential, you will become a well-balanced, happy, healthy individual and make some great friends along the way. You will become the best possible version of yourself.'

I also found sport to be a place where I learnt a lot about myself, about how to challenge myself, how to control myself mentally when outside of my comfort zone, and this helped give me a self belief which I still carry today.

'You are playing alongside the friends you spend almost every day with. You step out onto the pitch and you know that the girl next to you is going to give everything she has for the team.'

'Commitment to a sport has pros and cons but I'm a firm believer that no matter what level your at in your sport, that it's probably worth participation purely for the mental and physical health benefits.'

'Exercise keeps you fit and healthy in body and mind. Plus the social
side of getting out and doing exercise with friends is amazing.'

'The skills exhibited daily on the field were transferred to the classroom; dedication, determination and creativity were what really helped me with my studies.'

'Waterpolo challenges all of your body and mind as it's a physical , fast and technical game that requires fitness and endurance.'

'Joining a sports team or a club means your becoming a part of a community. In my experience the community will help you to grow personally and as an athlete.'